Media Relations

  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with journalists and influencers
  • Liaising with the right journalists and influencers to ensure they are updated on your mission, products and services, achievements, and any other relevant news
  • Crafting engaging press releases that perfectly communicate your message
  • Distributing press releases to a bespoke media list tailored to your target market
  • Providing you with detailed coverage reports to evaluate the success of the release
  • Scheduling media interviews with representatives from your business
  • Ongoing analysis of the best outlets to reach your audience, and ensuring your message is perfectly tailored to each platform
  • Reinforcing your narrative and brand image in the public sphere

Having started my career in journalism, I have an eye for what the media looks for in a compelling story, and I can get your message across in a way that engages with the press and relates to what matters to them. I’m proud to have cultivated and maintained strong, authentic relationships with members of the press in the areas I work in.

Content and Copywriting

  • Creating engaging blogs that capture your company’s tone of voice
  • Composing thought-provoking thought leadership articles on behalf of your spokesperson/spokespeople and placing them in relevant publications
  • Working with you to create compelling copy for your company website
  • Creating or assisting with the production of all types of marketing materials
  • Writing and editing content for company newsletters or in-house publications
  • Researching and writing case studies to relate how you are helping customers and clients
  • Drafting, reviewing, and editing any internal communications

I can create compelling content that honours your tone of voice, helping you build a strong brand identity and add value to your audience and industry. I am skilled at developing targeted messaging through content on a range of platforms, an essential tool in meeting your communication goals.

Event Support

  • Identifying relevant journalists and influencers and leading your event’s media outreach
  • Organising press attendance and co-ordinating press packs
  • Monitoring and reporting coverage from attending journalists and influencers
  • Providing social media support before, during, and after the event
  • Co-ordinating speaking engagements for your business at relevant events

Having provided event support for many industry events over the years including product launches, press conferences, media tours, and educational programmes, I am adept at ensuring the right tone is struck with media and attendees and that the events are representative of the brand and its objectives.

Social Media Messaging

  • Creating and executing social media messaging tailored to individual social platforms
  • Ongoing measurement and reporting of campaign reach and success
  • Seamlessly incorporating a strong social media strategy as part of an integrated communications campaign

Social media is a crucial tool when it comes to connecting directly with your audience, and I can help you share your message in a meaningful way, establishing you as a thought leader in your field and helping you to lead the conversation online.

Communications Strategy

  • Working with you to shape your communications plan by identifying your short term and long term goals and defining your objectives
  • Developing and implementing a creative content marketing strategy to ensure your owned media is effective in helping you build a loyal follower base
  • Providing regular communications consultancy to ensure your strategy and plan continues to be effective, remains relevant, and adapts successfully as needed
  • Creating and implementing a crisis communications strategy to ensure you are preparing and responding to crises efficiently, successfully, and compassionately
  • Offering additional services such as press office management, market and competitor analysis, reputation auditing, and news monitoring

A strong and effective communications strategy is like a living thing that needs to be nurtured and cared for on an ongoing basis, and regular scrutiny and continued consultancy is key. I can work closely with your team to design and execute a comprehensive, integrated communications campaign that gets results.